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God was the creater.He made gamefowl fight in this manor gaffs are more humane than the natural spurs because its quicker.
The best bred rooster wins.The gambling is the only bad thing that takes dare yall condemn gods work yall must be devil worshipers or something.these fowl are taken care of better than any other breed.If you dont care for them they cant win.God makes no mistakes animals fight its natural.all the activists do is kill off the roosters they get in a cockpit bust saying they cant be tamed. you dont fight a man fighting rooster because when he is done he comes after you.i say neutering animals is wrong.people should just keep their animals up.they cant they should expect puppies or kittens if they dont want that they shouldnt have them anyways.sorry if it offends but the truth hurts.god bless


You have done a great report on human passion!
A lot of fantastic portraits.


the thrill of winning money and glory and the defeat in losses and hunger, the lure of betting

Chris Vallancourt

Great series, Sidney. It's interesting that even losing cocks can have serve a purpose at the dinner table. You really captured all facets of this fascinating culture.

reza khalili

everyday an amazing shot u got it


tanks for tell us the real life of your country Sidney

Ashwaty Nair

Its been a great series....

Ashish Sidapara

Its been a very informative ride!
So whats next on the agenda ??


Oh wow ... what an amazing series, Sidney. Scary yet very informative. I now base in Manila. We should go out shooting together one of these days.

Gérard Méry

Et la cendre de cigarette qui tombe
dans la soupe !!

Mike Dougan

Is this the end of this series?

In some way's I'm hoping it is, no more blood and wounded cocks however this was an excellent and informative piece of work.


Tena koe ehoa
I feel that the words from your source are too true Sidney. I have sensed the "Be all and end all" scenario of these related images. Gambling on this scale is a disease that is rife in Aotearoa as well, amongst minority and low income families.


Wow. I like how you don't shy away from documenting everything, including some of the more brutal shots. This is an amazing series, I've learned a lot and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing this with the world.


What a life, a gambler's life.


Excellent coverage ... Thanks for bringing this aspect of philipino culture to us!


I can understand the fights, I can understand the cruelty, but gambling so much on a cock? Now that I don't get! Its been a very lovely series Sidney, do keep it up.

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